School & Nursery Closure

Aslaamu’alaykum Wa Rahmathullahi Wa Barakaathuhu

Dear Parents & Carers,

North Road Academy & North Road Nursery will be closed today (Thursday 01st March 2018).

Due to weather conditions and the overnight freeze, we are unable to guarantee the safety of pupils, parents and staff travelling into school.

This is not a decision that we have taken lightly but our priority must be the health and safety of all our pupils, parents and staff.

We hope that by informing you of our decision early this morning will assist you in being able to arrange child care.

Every effort will be made to open as normal on Friday 02nd March.

We will keep you updated via our website, twitter @northroadschool and parent telegram group.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Mr Naeem Bashir (Head Teacher)