Beautiful Beginnings at North Road Nursery

North Road Nursery is an extended project of North Road Academy and is a registered childcare provider for children aged between 1-5. At North Road Nursery we aim to extend and nurture children through the Early Learning experience by using the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS 2017) as guidance to build upon foundations laid at home. The base of North Road Nursery is a previous Local Authority school which has been extensively renovated to house a modern style, fully equipped Nursery.

Little Stars

1-2 Years Old

Our Little Stars room is set up to support our toddlers in a fun and friendly manner whilst implementing the seven areas of learning. Our main priority is to develop their personal, social and emotional skills. We have nurturing and passionate staff who tend and care for the children like their own.

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Bright Stars

3-4 Years Old

The Bright Stars Room focuses on teaching children phonics, maths and different topics through a fun and playful way. Whilst it is important for children to learn these subjects, we must remember that they are still very young so we do our best to incorporate learning in a fun filled way!

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Shooting Stars

Reception Class

Whilst Reception is a North Road Academy class, it is based within the Nursery as it provides a smooth transition into school life. We provide a fun and exciting curriculum that inspires young learners. Children learn best through an inquisitive and explorative approach: play is how they learn best.

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