Shooting Stars

The Shooting Stars class is the reception class at North Road Nursery that aims to provide a fun and exciting curriculum that inspires young learners. We firmly believe that children learn best through an inquisitive and explorative approach: play is how they learn best. Play is serious work for our children therefore they challenge themselves, problem solve, work together, communicate, negotiate, develop an inquiring mind, express their ideas, imagine and most importantly laugh!

  • Children are individually supported in their learning journey by a qualified teacher who understands how to extend their learning opportunities through interaction and provision.
  • Our planning revolves around and focuses on the children’s needs, interests and stages of development.
  • We understand that learning should be holistic; each of the 7 areas of learning cannot be taught in isolation and we seek to provide opportunities for children to make links in their learning and understanding.
  • New concepts are presented in a context the children understand to develop their learning and move them forwards.
  • Children are encouraged to reflect upon their learning and participate in planning the next steps in their journey. Following the children’s interests and their play means that every day is an adventure; one which evolves over time! As the children are in charge of their learning they are motivated and show high levels of involvement. They are excited to come in to school and equally as excited to share their learning at home!

Finally our reception children not only benefit from the exciting EYFS curriculum but also enjoy Islamic studies, Arabic and Quran lessons throughout the week. These are taught by a separate teacher for whom these are areas of expertise. Children are taught phonics everyday. We focus on a set of higher phase sounds and High Frequency Words/Tricky words per week. We prepare children to segment and blend sounds to help develop their reading and writing skills. We use the Oxford reading tree books which cater for individual children’s reading levels. We also encourage children to use the Collins reading app online in class and at home, as many children are visual technology learners. Our aim is to help the child to become ‘school ready.’