Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our implicit vision is to empower and support students to acquire, articulate and demonstrate both Islamic and worldly knowledge and skills that will benefit them as lifelong learners, and as believers to participate in and contribute to the global community, while practicing the core values of our faith and school which is embodied in ‘IKHLAAS’


To provide a safe and supportive Islamic learning environment, in which independent responsible individual students will acquire essential knowledge and academic skills built upon a strong character (IKHLAAS) through a broad, balanced and holistic curriculum within a diverse and loving environment which celebrates and collaborates with our community and engaged stakeholders.  

The aims of our school are:  

  • To promote Muslim values where children live, learn and celebrate the teachings of Islaam.  
  • To provide a curriculum which is broad, balanced and meaningful,  where all children can experience enjoyment and fulfillment.  
  • To promote the highest standards of teaching and learning within the framework of the National Curriculum.  
  • To develop in each child a sense of achievement, value and self-worth and to achieve the standards of that which they are capable of.
  •  To help our children acquire the skills of independent learning and make appropriate rapid progress.  
  • To provide a safe and secure environment where children feel valued and where they respect, help and care for each other.  
  • To involve parents in all aspects of their child’s education and promote good home/school partnerships.  
  • To develop in our children’s awareness and understanding of the different cultures, lifestyles and religions represented in the society and their responsibility to the wider community.  

In the spirit of the aforementioned aims, every child is valued and encouraged to achieve their full potential. Every member of our school community is encouraged to respect and value each other.