‘Whoever calls (others) to guidance, then he receives the reward similar to the reward of whoever follows him, without that diminishing anything from their rewards.’ Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم (Muslim 2674)

North Road Academy prides itself on having motivated and passionate staff members to help shape the future of our children.

Senior Leadership Team

Ustadh Naeem – Headmaster and Proprietor

In charge of the day to day running of the School and has overall responsibility for teaching and learning, people, policies and procedures. 

Ustadh Imran – Finance and Pastoral Director

Responsible for the financial running of the School and student/staff welfare.

Ustadha Sabah – Nursery Manager

Responsible for nursery admissions, event and calendar management and parent communication. 

Ustadha Hansa – Admissions Officer

Responsible for processing admissions, organising visits and open days, and general administration for the Academy.

Islamic Studies & Quran

We are extremely  fortunate to have full time Islamic Studies teachers, from Primary through to Secondary الحمد لله