Bright Stars

The Bright Stars Room focuses on teaching children phonics, maths and different topics through a fun and playful way. It is important for children to learn these different subjects; however, we must also remember they are still only young. Children learn best through their play, so we do our best to incorporate learning in a fun filled way!

Children will be introduced to sets of letters on a weekly basis. At this age we tend to focus on developing an understanding of letters, practising letter recognition and practising oral blending and segmentation. Depending on how well children are doing, we will also introduce letter formation and the writing/spelling of their names.

BS 1

In the Bright Stars Room, we are very keen on supporting children to become independent. The children will be encouraged to pick their own snack, pour their own drinks, collect their dinner and feed themselves. They will be encouraged to do this independently, however, if they require extra help it is always there. The staff will also work closely with parents to ensure children have an effective potty/toilet training routine in place should they require it.