Little Stars

Our Little Stars room is set-up to support our toddlers in a fun and friendly manner whilst implementing the seven areas of learning. However, our main priority with our 1-2 year olds is always to develop their personal, social and emotional skills. The staff in the Little Stars Room are very passionate about supporting children to:

  • Form positive relationships
  • Providing a secure base for them which enables them to explore their environment confidently
  • Helping children to understand their feelings
  • Providing endless opportunities of play and learning
  • Encouraging independence where possible
little stars 3
little stars 2

As the children are very young in this room, the phonics programme aims to support children to develop their:

  • Listening skills
  • Attention skills
  • Speaking skills

Staff focus on supporting children to become attuned to their environmental sounds by dividing them into different aspects. For example, we will focus on environmental sounds, body percussion, rhythm and rhyme. We try to ensure this is fully embedded by the end of the academic year, so that children are then ready for the next phase of the phonics programme.