Islamic Values

Islamic Education at North Road Centre for Exceptional Children

We share the same vision for all our students, whether they’re part of the special needs centre, nursery or academy. Our vision ‘to cultivate and enthuse Muslim children with the knowledge and skills required to become positive contributors and examples of excellence within our community and the wider society’ means that we embed Islamic knowledge throughout our school day, not just within the Islamic Studies lessons. From the school community itself, assemblies, lesson themes or topics, daily congregational prayers, the memorisation and implementation of daily duas, amongst other things, all contribute to making our vision a reality. 

The goal of this program is to instill the love and understanding of Allah ﷻ and Islam, whilst providing specialist education for their specific needs. 

Arabic & Quran

Learning the language of Islam

In line with the rest of the academy, students will have both Quran and Arabic as a Modern Foreign Language lessons. As the sacred revelation of Islam, students have 4 Quran lessons a week to help develop their reading, understanding and memorisation of the Quran. All students learning and memorizing will be adjusted according to each student’s abilities. There will be many one-on-one sessions with students and teachers to ensure that they are learning the best they can. Each lesson will incorporate different learning styles such as, visual, auditory, and tactile learning. These styles assist when teaching students who are sensitive with their speech ability.  

Islamic Values

Embedding Islam

Our Islamic Studies focuses on our beliefs, our manners and our characteristics as Muslims. We teach our students a lot about Salah and Wudu and we aim to graduate all students with a recognition of the Arabic Alphabet and learning to read. Learning and memorizing will be adjusted according to each student’s abilities; we want to make sure no students are being held back nor rushed into learning things they are not ready for as each student has their own pace. We utilize the simple but useful techniques of memorization for all subjects and areas taught. We work with all learning styles such as: Visual Auditory Social Physical/Sensory Verbal We integrate occupational, physical, and speech therapy into every lesson to keep the students in focus.