North Road Nursery is an extended project of North Road Academy and is an independent provider of services for children aged between 3-4.   At North Road Nursery we aim to extend and nurture children through the Early Learning experience by using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS 2012) Curriculum as a guidance to build upon foundations laid at home.  The base of North Road Nursery is a previous Local Authority school which has been extensively renovated to house a modern style, fully equipped Nursery.

North Road Academy is a school situated in the outskirts of Hanley, Stoke on Trent, sitting between Cobridge, and Burslem, just off the historic Waterloo Road. With Birmingham forty-five minutes to the south, and Manchester, the same north, it is the ideal location for children of commuting parents, who use the M6, and rail links.

Built in 1876, the school itself, is a traditional building, a reminder of the close-knit educational communities, of ages previous. Acquired by the present owners in 2010, and renovated to meet current educational requirements, North Road Nursery has many modern features, and classrooms intertwined with the types of secure architecture, Victorians were famous for.

Originally, the school was built by the Burslem Education Board, and the Parish, to school some of the children of the parents who worked in the 63 factories, brickworks, and pottery works, in Cobridge, and Burslem. It was segregated, with the girls queueing up alongside the brickworks of Hot Lane, and the boys, opposite the North Road clay pits. The walls of the ‘old’ girls school on Hot Lane remain, with the names of the original teachers engraved in stone for posterity. The Burslem School remained segregated until the Edwardian era when ‘mixed’ education was allowed.

Surviving 2 world wars, 27 different Prime Ministers, and 5 crowned monarchs, North Road Nursery is now an important part of the multi-cultural community of Stoke-on-Trent and serves as a reminder of traditional educational, and social values.