Explore the World

Our North Road Explore the World club has had a wonderful time discovering different countries during their after school sessions.
Children learnt key facts, cultural information, and most importantly, tried national cuisine!
British Fish and Chips, Pilau and Pakoras from Pakistan, Gol Gappe from India, Baklava from Palestine, and Afghani Kabuli Pulao! For the final session, children were treated to an outdoor BBQ – Bangladeshi style! Children had an insightful session; observing the process of setting up the grill and fire for the BBQ, and learning how to make traditional Bengali chicken and rice الحمد لله
North Road Academy takes great care and pride in providing both enriching and educational after school clubs that are also fun for students. There are numerous benefits of after school activities, ranging from the physical to the psychological and social. And there is ever increasing scientific research and data showing that encouraging children to engage in activities after school aids their development.
Around the world experts in child advancement are agreed that regular participation  in  extracurricular activities is the most effective way to help children develop their individual personality, decrease any emotional stress, and enhance social and academic skills. All of which will be a huge benefit to them on an ongoing basis and into the future إن شاء الله تعالى