Year 4, 5 & 6 to Visit the Black Country Museum – 03rd November 2016

The Black Country Museum has now been open to the public for 34 years and as the UK’s third most-visited open-air museum has welcomed more than 300,000 visitors through its gates each year.

The open-air museum caters for all ages and levels, from Early Years through to Higher Education and cover a broad subject area, including history, the arts, science, technology, geography, literacy, mathematics and citizenship.

Parents need to ensure children visiting the open-air museum are appropriately dressed and are wearing suitable footwear (as most of the day will be spent outside).

Children visiting the Open-Air museum need to arrive at school no later than 8.45 am on the 03/11/2016.

Parents/carers are to prepare a suitable snacks and lunches for their child – please use disposable bags that children can dispose of appropriately after lunch time.

For further information please contact the school office – 01782 829870

Please visit the official ‘Black Country Museum’ website for further details of what our children will see and experience.