Year 2 Field Trip – Ford Green Hall

Our Year 2 class visited Ford Green Hall; a trip linked to the topic of The Great Fire of London which they are studying in History.

Ford Green Hall was built in 1624 for Hugh Ford and his family, and is now an award-winning museum. The Hall displays a fascinating insight into the life of the 17th Century. The children went on a guided tour around the house to see how it compared to houses in modern times. We discussed the differences in materials used, the objects, textiles and furnishings present, and how life would have been back then. Children enjoyed a talk with a current day ‘Samuel Pepys’, who took them through the events of The Great Fire of London. We helped him to bury his valuables as he retold the story of the fire from his perspective. Ford Green Hall is an inspirational setting for all manner of visits from history through to arts, design and creative writing.

Our Year 2 class had a fantastic insight into the historical past and the importance of the events that shaped our country today. An informative yet enjoyable outing الحمد لله .

This trip is one of many that helps us to achieve one of our core values of Inclusion. Our values state: ‘to instil an appreciation and respect for everyone around us, irrespective of differences. Developing our children’s awareness and understanding of different cultures, lifestyles and religions represented in the community, and their responsibility to the wider community إن شاء الله تعالى