World Book Day 2023

#OurNorthRoad geared up for World Book Day by taking part in a reading competition where students had to read and review as many books as they could.

Primary students read well over 500 books!  ما شاء الله تبارك الله


With so many entries, we had 3 winners per year group, all receiving a well deserved cash prize and a certificate. Parents of the winners were invited into celebrate their children’s achievements.


The competition’s purpose was to instil a love of reading in the children, and feedback from parents sounds like it worked as many children now have a passion to read everyday when they wouldn’t before الحمد لله

The book reviewing helped children to actually understand the books, and to reflect on them, rather than just reading and reading without comprehension.


On the day itself, we had local author, Laura Lyth, come in to do an assembly. Laura read her latest book, Danny’s Monster, and had an in depth discussion with the children about its meaning and message. Focussing on mental health and the importance of expressing and facing emotions, children were engaged and enthusiastic during the session الحمد لله