The School Day

At North Road Academy the school day for Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 starts at 8.20am and finishes at 3.40pm Monday to Thursday and on Fridays school is from 8.20am to 12.10pm.

The school day for Key Stage 3 & 4 start at 8.10am and finishes at 3.40pm Monday to Thursday and on Fridays school is from 8.10am to 12.10pm.

The school cannot accept responsibility for children before 8.00am. Children should never be left outside the school on their own.

Fresh Fruit & The Breakfast Club

As part of our Healthy Eating Policy, learners must bring a piece of fresh fruit and drink (not fizzy and not in a glass container or cans) to have at Breakfast time. Fruit is also available from our Breakfast Club which is available from 8.00am to 8.20am. Parents are advised to actively encourage their children to eat healthily which in turn can affect their behavior in the classroom.

The Breakfast club is helpful to Parents who have children both in Key Stage 1 & 2, along with siblings in Key Stage 3 & 4 whom start earlier than the lower Key Stages (Therefore Parents do not have to make 2 journeys in the morning).

Our Breakfast club has helped those children who struggle to read daily at home, it provides them with a time for reading prior to the school day starting.

Lunch Time


Learners can either choose to bring packed lunches or alternatively have NRA school dinners. Packed lunches must be brought in plain, un-marked containers, clearly labelled with your child’s name. Please try to provide a balanced meal for your child. (Fizzy drinks are not allowed). Drinks should not be brought in glass containers or cans. Please try to refrain from sending any foods with high sugar content such as chocolate and sweets since these can affect a child’s concentration at School.

School dinners are prepared on site at our ‘Grade 5’ food hygiene rated kitchen. We have been graded the highest level possible (level 5) by the local authority which we are immensely proud of and we aim to maintain this level.

Healthy balanced meals are provided at a cost of £2.50 per day. The school dinner menu is displayed at all times at the main entrance and a personal copy is available on request.