Our School Uniform & Hair Cut Policy


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

At North Road Academy we believe that a school uniform gives a sense of belonging and pride in the school whilst ensuring equality amongst students. In addition, a smart appearance contributes positively to the students’ attitude to work and study, it also significantly influences how the school is portrayed to the general public.

Our School Uniform applies to all Year groups within Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4. Wynsors in Hanley supply all of our logo-based school uniform.

You can order your uniform over the telephone, online, email or you can visit the shop, please see below full address:

151/153 Marsh Street North

Boys All Year Groups

• Plain Dark Grey Thowb exclusively available from the school (Tailored to above the ankles)*
• Black Trousers (Tailored to above the ankles – in line with the grey thowb)**
• White round neck T-Shirt or vest to be worn under the grey thowb.
• White Kufi (Cap)
• Navy blue fleece/jumper with school logo on (available from Wynsors)
• Black Shoes (please refer to shoe catalogue)***
• Black Socks
• Navy blazer with school logo on (available from Wynsors)
Please note:

*Thowbs with hoods will not be allowed to be worn.
**Tracksuit bottoms will not be allowed to be worn under the grey thowb.
***Shoes, resembling trainers or boots will no longer be allowed to be worn

Boys PE Uniform (All Year Groups)

• White short-sleeved polo shirt with school logo on (available from Wynsors)
• Black/Blue navy jogging bottoms
• Black/White trainers
• Navy hoody with school logo (available from Wynsors)

Please note: T-Shirts other than plain white will not be allowed to be worn.
We have tried to keep the school uniform simple, so that one may purchase all item of clothing from local stores and supermarkets.
We request all boys have a minimum of 2 Grey Thowbs – so that if one becomes dirty or torn a replacement is always available. The Grey Thowbs can only be purchased from the school.

Girls All Year Groups

Girls – Years 1 to Years 4
• Plain Navy Abaaya (Non-Lycra fabric)
• White plain Hijaab (Slip on / no pins)
• Navy Blue Fleece/Cardigan with school logo on (available from Wynsors)
• Black Shoes (plain flat shoes)
• Black Socks

Girls – Years 5 to Years 11
• Plain Navy Abaaya (Non-Lycra fabric)
• Large Navy Somalian Style Jilbab (Slip on / no pins)
• Navy Blue Fleece/Cardigan with school logo on (available from Wynsors)
• Black Shoes – Plain flat shoes (please refer to school catalogue)
• Black Socks

Please Note: Night wear should not be worn below the Abaaya.

Girls PE Uniform (All Year Groups)
• Shorter Navy Abaaya (below the knees)
• White Hijab which falls below their chest
• Black jogging bottoms
• White/Black Trainers

Jewellery & Makeup

In the interest of Health and Safety we do not allow our learners to wear any jewellery, necklaces, strings or any other item which is likely to cause harm at the school and there is no exception to this rule.

Makeup including nail varnish is totally prohibited within the school premises.

Tailoring Service Available

Tailored – Navy Abayahs and large Somalian Hijabs are available upon request – Please make an appointment at the school reception or by calling the school office 01782 829870.

Girls White Hijabs / Boys Grey Thowbs / White Kufi (Hat)

Girls Plain White Hijabs and Boys Plain Grey Thowbs are available from the school at a very reasonable cost. Please ask at the School office for further details.

Our School Office will be open by way of appointment throughout the summer holidays – (Monday to Thursday) for the collection of Hijabs, Jilbaabs, Abayas and thowbs.

Please Note: Items for Tailoring need to be made as soon as possible – to save delay.


North Road Academy and Wynsors (Shoe Shop – Hanley) have worked together in compiling a suitable range of footwear to be worn with your child’s uniform.

If you are unsure about the suitability of your child’s footwear, or wish to purchase new shoes for your child, please download a copy of the shoe catalogue.


Wynsors are supplying school Blazers, polo t-shirts, jumpers, cardigans, school bags, hats and a range of other clothing with our school logo, for our children. Please refer to the following website. www.schoolshopdirect.co.uk

Alternatively you can visit their local store

151/153 Marsh Street
Stoke on Trent

Telephone: 01782 266660

Email: info@schoolshopdirect.co.uk

To support us further, please:

• Have a minimum of 2 School uniforms per child – so that if one becomes dirty or torn a replacement is always available.
• Make sure your child is in their correct uniform, including correct footwear before they leave for school
• Always provide a note when you have to send your son or daughter to school in incorrect uniform.
• Parents need to be prepared to bring in (on the day) your child’s correct clothing if incorrect items of clothing are worn.
• Provide children with a pair of trainers that can be worn at break times whilst they play various ball games – this will help to preserve their school shoes from being torn and scuff marks.

We will also continue to address uniform issues to maintain our forward momentum. Ensuring adherence to uniform rules is a demonstration to the community of the academy’s confidence to set and maintain high standards. No tracksuit tops, hoodies or zip up tops will be allowed to be worn on school site.

Our Haircut Policy

The school does not permit children to have extreme haircuts or eyebrow shaving that could serve as a distraction to other children and are not in keeping with the Islamic ethos of the school.

Hairstyles must be sensible and appropriate for school; extreme haircuts or skin fades are not acceptable. Haircuts which involves the shaving of lines or symbols, extreme coloration or particularly noticeable variations in colour or length, excessive use of hair products and false hair will certainly be judged as extreme by the school. Short back and sides should be no shorter than a number 3 unless it is the same length all over.

Any sort of Eyebrow shaving or pattern cut into the eyebrow would be unacceptable.

If a learner comes to school with one of the above (see below also as pictorial examples) hairstyles/eyebrow patterns, or as deemed in appropriate by the school, the parents/guardians of the learner will be contacted so that the learner can be taken home. The Learner will not be allowed to return until the hairstyle has been rectified and is deemed appropriate by the school.

Below are Examples of Hairs Styles That DO NOT Conform With Our Hair Cut Policy

If you are unsure concerning a particular hairstyle, please check with the school office first, so that your childs learning is not disrupted.

If you are still unsure about North Road Academy’s School uniform, please do not hesitate to contact the school office for further information.