Healthy Eating Week

This week, #OurNorthRoad Reception Class focused on Healthy Eating.

There were plenty of discussions around what made an item healthy; we had a number of fun activities that encouraged the children to make the right choices when it came to deciding what foods are good for them and their health. Children played a card game where they had to separate healthy vs unhealthy foods; they did some fruit tasting and vegetable painting; our book focus was ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’; and to finish the week’s activities, children made their own fruit salad and sampled Sunnah foods. We cannot possibly have a discussion about healthy eating without referencing the foods that have been mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah! We studied the benefits of some Sunnah foods, and tried the foods too. This last activity was enjoyed by all الحمد لله

We currently have a waiting list for Reception Class, however we have spaces available in Nursery for ages 2-3, and in Year 1.