Numeracy is not a subject in its own right. It is a skill which is acquired through being taught mathematics effectively. Numeracy is a proficiency which involves confidence and competence with numbers and measures. It requires an understanding of the number system, a repertoire of computational skills and an inclination and ability to solve number problems in a variety of contexts. Numeracy demands practical understanding of the ways in which information is gathered by counting and measuring, and is presented in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables. Numeracy is the application of number and computational skills across the curriculum and in daily life.

Through our approach to the teaching of mathematics we aim to achieve good standards of numeracy in all our learners.

North Road Academy aims to:

  • Provide a relevant, challenging and enjoyable curriculum for all learners
  • Meet the requirements of the National Curriculum programmes of study
  • Promote mathematics as an essential element of communication, which allows learners to describe, illustrate, interpret, predict and explain
  • Show learners the fascination of mathematics and promote ways of doing mathematics which harness their imagination, initiative and flexibility of mind
  • Build learners confidence
  • Encourage learners to work systematically and to show a respect for accuracy and meaning
  • Encourage learners to work independently and with others
  • Develop mental imagery