Islamic Studies

The Islamic Studies session of the curriculum is at the core of our aim for developing the Islamic identity and personalities of our learners. The curriculum is designed to provide clear guidelines of building knowledge, Islamic thinking and inclinations. We want to build a strong connection and love of Islam amongst the children and give them confidence in their belief in order to face the challenges of the modern world and be well rounded upright citizens. Islamic Studies also provides an opportunity for learners to talk about their emotions and understandings of Islam and to move them on from what they already know. Our Islamic Studies curriculum provides equilibrium of Islamic knowledge suitable to each learner’s age and ability.

PSHE, Citizenship, History and RE will also be taught under the umbrella of the Islamic Studies sessions. As literacy is encouraged across the curriculum, many activities within the sessions revolve around exploring different texts and creating written material based on what has been learnt.

North Road Academies Method of Teaching:

Islamic Studies is taught in blocks of units across each year group. Each block is studied in varying depths in accordance with age and ability. These main blocks of teaching contribute to building the correct Islamic Belief and character of the learners, and developing a respect for one another’s authentic juristic differences.