North Road Academy believes that Geography helps learners to make sense of their surroundings and creates an awareness of the world around them. Our geography curriculum covers places around the world, how they are shaped by the human and physical processes and people around them, as well as covering areas where there are Muslim populations in order to connect learners with their identity. Geography is a great tool of learning and communication.

We aim to help learners develop

  • knowledge and understanding of places and themes including patterns and processes
  • geographical skills, including inquiry
  • geographical attitudes and values
  • a sense of identity through learning about the U.K and it’s relationships with other countries
  • to extend their interest, knowledge and understanding of contrasting localities in Britain, Europe and Muslim culture and civilisation
  • To recognise and understand issues concerning the environment and sustainable development
  • To understand how geography affects people’s lives around the world
  • to appreciate similarity and difference in the world about them and to respect other peoples beliefs, attitudes and values