Attendance and Absences

At North Road Academy we have a legal responsibility to record all absences. If your child is not attending school, parents/guardians must contact the school in the morning and also send a note when the child returns to school explaining the absence. Please inform the school if the absence is likely to be longer than a day.

We would prefer you not to make medical appointments (such as dental check-ups) during school time, but if this
cannot be avoided (such as a hospital appointment) please inform the school office before the date of the appointment with the necessary appointment reference e.g. letter from medical practice.

The school will not authorise any holidays during term time.

In cases of severe absence the school will put in place corrective measures and action plans to ensure that the Learner continues to progress academically and is not impacted severely by any issues preventing him or her from attending school.

It is also important that Learners arrive at school on time. Lateness is disruptive to both Learner and Teacher. Please ensure that attendance is regular and punctual.

For more information on Attendance and Absence a copy of our policy on this is available to download in full from our website or is available upon request.

Parents risk having to pay a £100 registration fee on return – if attendance guidance not adhered.