Statement of Ethos

Our ethos is much more than a statement of aims, as it pervades all aspects of life and work at school and is reflected in everything we say and do. It is a very powerful message and completely underpins our provision of education at the school as well as the personal, spiritual, moral and social development of our children.

We believe that our children need to be inspired with a sense of virtue. Our children need to know and believe that sincerity for the sake of Allah, honesty, respect, responsibility and courage are vital in laying the foundations for our future. At North Road Academy, we value the rich cultural diversity of the community and work hard to ensure that students’ learning experiences reflect this positively, enabling students to recognise, challenge and deal with inequalities in society, and by their attitudes show respect for others.

Our students need to acquire the knowledge, skills, patience, and attitudes necessary to become happy, healthy, well adjusted, productive adults and responsible citizens; to help students become enthusiastic, lifelong learners who are able to manage change; and to help students to perpetuate and have a positive impact on their families, their communities, their country, and their world.

Our curriculum reflects the very strong aspirations of parents and management to ensure that we produce well balanced young individuals with a sense of good who are proficient learners. We believe that our students should be reaching the highest standards of education in their year groups and leave North Road Academy at the end of their tenure with the highest achievements.

It is equally important to ensure that we have an open and frank dialogue with teachers, students and parents. Each member of the school community should feel valued and able to offer mutual support and advice in furthering the objectives of the school. This can only be achieved if we are able to communicate in an open way.